Four design guidlines for listening devices

Four design guidlines that accommodate for peoples prefered listening levels

The purpose with this study is to investigate what factors make people change their sound volume. This is done with a probe experiment, where participants(n=29) were asked to write down what made them change their sound volume over the course of 7 days. Seven tasks were included to increase participants' commitment to the experiment. The responses from the participants(n=11) were analyzed with Yin's five phase model and from here a categorisation was made on what factors made the participants change their volume. Furthermore a laboratory experiment is conducted twice (trail 1 and trail 2) with the same subjects, 7 days apart. In this experiment the independent variables; subject(p = 7.26 ⋅ 10-15) and starting volume(p = 0.0023, and p = 2.17 ⋅ 10-10) are found to have an effect on preferred listening level. An interaction between the trial variable and the subject variable(p = 0.0023) is also found. The information gathered with these two experiment is summarised in 4 guidelines, that are to help designers of listening devices accommodate for peoples preferred listening levels.